Act One

Our story begins with Sam Wheat, a handsome young banker, moving into a Brooklyn apartment with his longtime artist girlfriend, Molly Jensen (“Here Right Now”). The two of them are obviously in love, but Sam has a hard time verbally committing to his feelings for Molly. Whenever she says “I love you,” he replies with “Ditto.” This makes her uncomfortable, but she attempts to push her hurt feelings aside. To distract her, Sam takes his guitar and sings a cheesy but heartfelt rendition of the Righteous Brothers’ (“Unchained Melody”). The two kiss, and Molly’s unhappiness is forgotten.

Sam notices some oddities in the accounts at his bank. He does some investigating, but has to temporarily abandon the project since he is meeting Molly for a date that night. He confides his discovery to Carl, a coworker and longtime friend (“More”). Carl agrees to do some more digging on his behalf. That night during their date, Molly tells Sam that she wants to marry him. He’s extremely surprised, and she asks him why he never says “I love you” (“Three Little Words”). He maintains that he loves her very much, but that he simply prefers to use his actions rather than words to demonstrate his feelings.

On their way home Sam and Molly are held at gunpoint by a masked man who demands Sam’s wallet. Sam refuses to simply hand it over, and he

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