Act One

As the lights come up, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are seen dead in a car, covered in blood. As the screen behind them flashes details of their demise, Young Bonnie appears. She dreams of becoming a film star and changing her life forever (“Picture Show”). However her dreaming is interrupted when her mother drags Bonnie into the church for her father’s funeral. In Texas, Young Clyde is also dreaming of being a movie star, imitating Billy the Kid with his rifle. Eight months later, both Bonnie and Clyde have moved to West Dallas and both are unhappy with their living situations. Bonnie is living with her grandmother, and Clyde is in trouble with the law. Despite their problems, both still dream of the glamorous lifestyles featured in the movies. Moving forward to 1930, Bonnie is a waitress in a diner and Clyde and his brother, Buck, are sentenced to two years in jail for theft. In the diner, Bonnie is approached by police officer Ted Hinton and invited to a party with him. Upon hearing that there will be a full band there, Bonnie agrees. Driving home from work, Bonnie’s car breaks down and she is stuck in the middle of a dirt road. Clyde appears, offering to fix her car in return for a lift into West Dallas. Clyde claims he is moving out of West Dallas, going anywhere he likes “just like the legendary Billy the Kid.”

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