Act One

Our story begins in the fall of 1989, with a diary entry from our heroine, Veronica Sawyer. She laments the way that her fellow classmates treat each other, preferring to remember their kindergarten days when everyone was kind to each other. She impatiently waits for her acceptance letters from Harvard, Duke, or Brown, when she can escape to the ivory towers of collegiate life. In order to survive her senior year, Veronica dreams of being above it all: solid teflon, like the Heathers. The Heathers are the hottest, most popular girls in school, who never seem affected by the bullying or the drama of high school. They are made up of three girls who are curiously all named Heather: Heather McNamara, the head cheerleader from an extremely wealthy family; Heather Duke, who seems to have “no discernible personality” but a large set of fake breasts; and Heather Chandler, the “mythic bitch” queen of Westerberg. During a trip to the girls’ bathroom, Veronica’s quick thinking saves the Heathers from detention. Her expertly forged hall pass impresses Heather Chandler, who recognizes her potential and offers her a place in their clique. After a makeover, Veronica eagerly takes her place as one of the chosen few: the Heathers (“Beautiful”).

The Heathers pressure Veronica into bullying Martha Dunstock, a sweet but extremely overweight classmate who also happens to be Veronica’s oldest friend. Heather Chandler orders Veronica to forge a romantic note from Ram Sweeney, Martha’s crush since kindergarten, and deliver it to Martha. Veronica is reluctant, but ultimately consents when the Heathers threaten her tenuous social standing (“Candy Store”).

As the crowd clears, a mysterious stranger is revealed upstage: JD, the trenchcoat-wearing, Baudelaire-quoting new kid. He accuses her of selling out her best friend for popularity. She says she didn’t catch his name and he coolly responds, “I didn’t drop it,” impressing her. Kurt and Ram, meanwhile, decide to pick a fight with

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