Countess Maritza

Countess Maritza




Maritza, a wealthy land-owner, is tired of men trying to marry her for her money. Thus, she announces her engagement to the fictitious Baron Kolomán Zsupán. Soon, however, Maritza falls in love with one of her staff, the bailiff Béla Törek, who is in reality Count Tassilo, an impoverished nobleman who has taken on the work to pay off his father's debts and amass enough money for a dowry for his sister Lisa. The barriers of wealth and class are compounded by suspicions on each side as to the real intentions of the other. In the end, all is well and Maritza and Tassilo are married. Further, Tassilo's sister, Lisa, marries Maritza's friend, Zsupan.

Show Information

Number of Acts
3 Acts
Time & Place
Cast Size
Casting Notes
Mostly male cast
Includes young adult, adult, late teen, mature adult characters

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