The Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew

Number of Acts:
5 Acts
First Produced:
Comedy, Romance
Multiple Settings
Time & Place
padua, italy, time unspecified
Cast Size
Ideal For
star vehicle (female), star vehicle (male), many male roles, university theatre, professional theatre, community theatre
Casting Notes:


Modest and beautiful young Bianca is the most coveted young maiden in Padua...but no one can marry her before a match is found for her wild, willful, “shrewish” older sister, Kate. Kate has tormented and frightened every man who dared to dance her way, and Bianca and her suitors have nearly given up hope. That is, until Petruchio comes to town. When a team of Bianca’s suitors bribe Petruchio to try his hand at marrying Kate, he is eager for the challenge – and to get his hands on Kate’s considerable dowry. As maddeningly strong-willed as Kate herself, Petruchio is determined that he can “tame” this shrew. What ensues is one of Shakespeare’s most outrageous comedies, in which two misfits who have never compromised in their lives take a riotous journey towards becoming each other’s perfect match.

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