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The three MaGrath sisters are back together in their hometown of Hazelhurst, Mississippi for the first time in a decade. Lenny, the eldest, never left Hazelhurst -- she is the caretaker of the sisters’ cantankerous Old Granddaddy. Meg, the middle sister, left home to pursue stardom as a singer in Los Angeles, but has, so far, only found happiness at the bottom of a bottle. And Babe, the youngest, has just been arrested for the murder of her abusive husband, Zackery Bottrelle. Under the scorching heat of the Mississippi sun, past resentments bubble to the surface and each sister must come to terms with the consequences of her own “crimes of the heart.”

Show Information

Number of Acts:
2 Acts
First Produced:
Comedy, Dark Comedy
Unit/Single Set
Time & Place
the magrath home in hazlehurst, mississippi
Cast Size
Ideal For
ensemble cast, lead female, university theatre, college theatre
Casting Notes:
Mostly female cast
Includes adult, young adult characters

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