Act One

As the play opens, Albus Potter--the youngest son of Harry and Ginny Potter--is nervously preparing to go to Hogwarts School for the first time. His big brother, James, has been teasing him about what to expect at Hogwarts. Together with their younger sister, Lily, the whole family run through the wall at Kings Cross Station to reach platform 9 ¾. On the platform, they meet up with Ron and Hermione Weasley and their daughter Rose. Ron produces a couple of lame jokes that entertain Lily but embarrass Rose. He proudly tells the Potters that he managed to pass his Muggle (non-magical) driving test without having to put a spell on the examiner. Meanwhile, Albus whispers to his father that he is worried about being put in the Slytherin House at school, as it is associated with the dark arts. Harry reassures Albus and the children all leave for Hogwarts on the train. As their parents watch the train depart, Harry reassures his wife, Ginny, that their youngest son will be fine.

On the train, new students Albus and Rose, begin to explore the carriages to find other new students to befriend. Ever practical, Rose tells Albus that they must choose wisely. The first carriage they come to has a nervous, bumbling boy in it called Scorpius. As Albus begins to chat to him, Rose becomes increasingly aloof. She realizes that he is Scorpius Malfoy, the son of Draco Malfoy--the enemy of Harry Potter. Scorpius reveals the rumor that he is actually Lord Voldemort’s son after his mother was sent back in time to conceive. He hates this rumor and desperately laughs it off. When Rose goes to leave the carriage, Albus decides to stay, despite their warring parents.

As the students arrive at Hogwarts, the scene rapidly moves between space and time. The sorting hat enters and splits the students into their houses. Rose and Scorpius are put into Gryffindor and Slytherin respectively (as expected) but Albus is also sorted into Slytherin, much to everyone’s shock. Suddenly, the students

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