How I Learned to Drive

How I Learned to Drive



Paula Vogel’s groundbreaking and controversial play How I Learned to Drive tells the story of a young girl who grows up in a complex and sexually abusive relationship with her uncle in 1960’s Maryland. The play follows the young girl, Lil’ Bit, from her adolescence through college years and end with her as a thirty-something adult. Although Lil’ Bit and her uncle share a mutual understanding and care deeply for one another, the years of manipulation and sexual confusion eventually drive them apart and wreak havoc on both of their psyches.

How I Learned to Drive won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1998. It premiered off-Broadway at the Vineyard Theater in May of 1997, starring Mary Louise Parker as Lil’ Bit, with David Morse as Uncle Peck. Since its premiere, Drive has been produced all over the world, with featured productions in Washington, DC, Baltimore, New York, and London, among others.

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