All This Intimacy is an early play by Rajiv Joseph, whose other works have generally been much better received. In 2010, Joseph’s play Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo was selected as a Pulitzer Prize finalist. This play, unfortunately, was mostly panned by critics who described its main character as lacking in realistic detail. Additionally, Intimacy was hailed by the DC Theatre Scene as “fairly humdrum” and “a pretty blah play about pretty blah people.” Despite this, Intimacy has many likeable moments and functions well as a resource for students searching for comedic scenes featuring young people. Additionally, the script provides us with several interesting roles for women.

Ty Green is a young poetry professor in New York who accidentally impregnates three women in the span of one week. His married neighbor, his ex-girlfriend, and his 18-year-old student all become pregnant from one-night stands. While all three ladies have a variety of responses to this unexpected and unwelcome news, the story follows Ty as he attempts to work through this remarkable situation.

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