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Gay Divorce

After meeting the American novelist, Guy Holden, Mimi Pratt will do whatever it takes to get out of her loveless marriage. She ends up staging an affair with a professional co-respondent. When he later runs into her at a seaside resort, she mistakes him for the paid co-respondent she has hired to... read more


Helzapoppin was a hilarious musical revue that was constantly rewritten to focus on current events. With no real plot, the show contained wild sight gags, zany props, audience participation sequences, dirty jokes, and numerous gunshots. read more

Here's Love

Here's Love tells the classic tale of Kris Kringle, a fat, white-bearded gentleman claiming to be the real Santa Claus. During the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, the man hired to play Santa Clause shows up drunk. Thus, Kris is hired as a last-minute replacement. He is so good at his job that the... read more

Hit the Deck

The story concerns Loulou, the owner of a Newport coffee house, and her quest to convince her lover, Bilge , to marry her. read more

Hot Mikado

Hot Mikado takes the classic Gilbert and Sullivan tale and updates it to 1940s-style. Young Nanki-Poo, the Mikado’s son masquerading as a Second Trumpet player, arrives in the town of Titipu looking for the beautiful Yum-Yum. After bribing various officials he learns that she is still going to be... read more

How Now, Dow Jones

Kate’s fiancé, Herbert, won’t marry her until the Down Jones average his 1000. Since it’s already been a three and a half year engagement, she is extremely frustrated. She then meets a total loser, Charley, and they bond in their mutual depression. Kate ends up pregnant after a one-night stand wi... read more

In the Beginning

In the Beginning tells the story of what went on behind the scenes of the first five books of the Old Testament. The show is a tribute to the ordinary, everyday people who didn’t make it into the bible. These common people manage to survive calamity after calamity inventing useful items along the... read more


‘Irene’ concerns a delightful and strong-willed Irish girl, Irene O’Dare. While helping her widowed mother in a little shop in New York City, she dreams of being a successful business woman. She successfully manages a dress salon and eventually marry’s the shop’s f... read more


The Royal Family of a fictional European country use the threat posed by an impending revolution as an excuse to abandon the throne and pursue their private dreams. The King, the Queen, the Prince and Princess each befriend their favorite celebrities. When the revolutionary threat is revealed to... read more