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I Had a Ball

I Had a Ball is a story about finding love on the Coney Island Boardwalk. Various characters include Garside The Great Psychologist, Stan who has just been released from prison, the floozy, Addie, and Jeannie; the ferris-wheel operator. Eventually Addie and Garside fall in love while Jeannie and... read more

I Love My Wife

In I Love My Wife, Alvin and Wally have been friends ever since high school and are now married men. They decide that on Christmas Eve they will have a foursome. Alvin will have sex with Wally's wife and Wally will have sex with Alvin's wife. In the end they fail to follow through with their h... read more

I Married An Angel

Willy Palaffi, a banker and ladies’ man, is fed up with earthly women and declares that the only woman he would marry is an angel. To his shock, the gods send down a real Angel and she and Willy quickly marry. However, trouble ensues when the Angel’s perfectly angelic ways are a constant source o... read more

The Immigrant

The Immigrant follows a Jewish man's, Haskell's, escape from the pogroms in Eastern Europe. He escapes to Texas. The play covers Haskell's attempted assimilation into society in the U.S. as he is the only Jewish person in his town, as well as his attempts to hold onto his own cultural identity.... read more

Irma la Douce

The musical tells the story of a poor law student, Nestor le Fripé, who falls in love with a wealthy prostitute, Irma la Douce. He becomes insanely jealous of her clients and decides he cannot stand her being with another man. He decides that he must become her only buyer and disguises himself as... read more


Set on an island off Jamaica's coast, a poor fisherman, Koli, loves the beautiful Savannah. However, Savannah dreams of leaving Jamaica for New York Savannah ends up being tempted to marry a New Yorker visiting Jamaica on business. When Koli saves the life of Savannah's younger brother during... read more

Jerry's Girls

A musical review of songs from classic Jerry Herman musicals. read more


Jumbo is a show about a war between two rival circuses . read more


Ths story chronicles the disintegration of an Irish family in Dublin in the early 1920s, during the Troubles between the Irish Republican Army and the British. Juno is the hardworking matriarch who struggles to hold the family together in the face of war, betrayal, and her worthless husband's dri... read more


The show concerns the adventures of Sir Edmund Kean, considered the greatest Shakespearean actor of the 18th century. The show focuses mainly on his wild behavior offstage. Trouble ensues as Kean desperately tries to juggle two women in his life: the Danish Ambassador’s wife, Elena, and a young a... read more