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The Last Session

The show concerns the themes of love, religion and acceptance. Gideon, an ex-gospel singer turned pop star, has scheduled a final recording session. He invites his old band to join him including profession back-up singer, Tryshia; failed rock singer turned Mary Kay Cosmetics salesperson, Vicki; s... read more


A bio-musical about the life of John Lennon focusing on Lennon's solo career and almost exclusively in Lennon's own words read more

Li’l Abner

It’s a typical day in wretched and picturesque Dogpatch, USA, and the local yokels are up to their usual tricks: brewing moonshine, cuddling pigs, and collecting unemployment. Beautiful Daisy Mae is pining after strong handsome Li’l Abner, an unsentimental youth who escapes her pursuit to go fish... read more

The Love Note

THE LOVE NOTE is a hilarious and touching tale of young Jessie's arrival at a new and outlandish school where there is a colorful and zany cast of characters. The ruthless bullies rule the cafeteria, the unique bookworms stick together behind their books, and the watchful Lunch Lady wields a... read more

The Mad Show

A Broadway review based on characters in Mad Magazine. read more

Made in Dagenham

Based on the 2010 film of the same name, Made in Dagenham is drawn from the real-life 1968 sewing machinists strike at the Ford factory in Dagenham, Essex. This strike was influential in the passing of the Equal Pay Act of 1970. The musical focuses on the leader of the strike, Rita O’Grady, as sh... read more

The Madwoman of Central Park West

˜The Madwoman of Central Park West' tells the story of a successful actress struggling to find balance in her career, as a mother and as a wife. read more

The Maid of the Mountains

In "The Maid of the Mountains" the chief bandit, Baldassare has decided to disband. Soon, however, the local Governor captures Baldassare's lover, Teresa. At first, she steadfastly refuses to give up Baldassare's location. However, she is furious when she discovers that he has fallen in love wit... read more

Make A Wish

Make a Wish focuses on the adventures of a French orphan, Janette, who is on a tour of Paris. When Janette breaks away from her group, she experiences various adventures. Soon, she falls in love with a young artist, Paul. read more

The Man From Snowy River: Arena Spectacular

The show is a combination of a Musical, a Rodeo, a Concert and Dance, and an Equestrian display. Jim Ryan arrives at John Conroy's property following the death of his father. He and John's daughter, Kate, soon fall in love. However, when a herd of horses escapes, Jim is wrongly blamed. Luckily, J... read more