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The Ladies of the Corridor

Lulu Ames, a stylish and optimistic widow from Akron, Ohio, arrives in New York City, ready to forget her unhappy marriage and thrive in the bustling, vibrant town. But the Hotel Marlowe, where Lulu moves to join her old friend and fellow widow Connie Mercer, is hushed and genteel to the point of... read more

Lady Windermere's Fan

Lady Windermere’s Fan is one of Oscar Wilde’s most witty and uncompromisingly satirical plays. It examines the gender politics within marriage and society, and the ambiguous idea of sexual morality among the upper classes. Until Mrs. Erlynne is introduced, Lady Windermere believes that she has a... read more


Lakeboat tells of the summer experience of Dale, a young man who signs on as a cook on a Great Lakes cargo boat. There is no plot to speak of -- the eight men aboard interact as they cross the lake again and again, self-aware of the fact that they are stuck in their own lives, even as they are c... read more

The Land of Little Horses

Rebecca Gilman’s The Land of Little Horses explores the lives of Evelyn, Jessica, and Jean Louise, three sisters who spent their childhoods in the shadow of their alcoholic father’s struggling career as a poet and academic. Evelyn, recently engaged to her long-time boyfriend Charles, has been lef... read more

Last of the Boys

Ben, an old Vietnam veteran and a handyman, lives in a California trailer park surrounded by ground that is polluted by toxic waste. Despite thirty years having passed since the war ended, he is still haunted by the war. His old war buddy, Jeeter, who is a bit of a hippy, comes for his usual summ... read more

The Learned Ladies of Park Avenue

Three sophisticates, Mother , Aunt and Phyllis’ daughter , are enamored with a pompous poet, Upton Gabbitt. Meanwhile, Ramona’s younger sister, Betty, is in love with a hard-working common man, Dicky. The three sophisticates want Betty to end up with Upton. However, Betty’s father and uncle... read more

The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Irish terrorist “Mad Padraic” cares about one thing, and one alone, and -- despite his title as the lieutenant of Inishmore’s Irish National Liberation Army -- it’s not his fight for Irish independence. It’s his cat. When Padraic learns that his beloved cat, Wee Thomas, has been killed, Padraic... read more

A Life in the Theatre

One of Mamet's earliest and gentlest plays, A Life in the Theatre portrays the changing relationship of John and Robert, two actors--one older and experienced, the other a young up-and-comer - working together in a repertory company. Robert, the older man, feels he has a great deal to teach John... read more

Light Up the Sky

Moss Hart’s Light Up the Sky takes place in the hotel room of Broadway actress Miss Irene Livingston, prior to the opening of a new play in an out-of-town tryout. Over the course of the evening -- and thus, over the course of the play -- we follow a truck-driver-turned-playwright watching his f... read more

Living On Love

The play is a farce that takes place in a glorious Manhattan penthouse owned by the Maestro Vito De Angelis and his wife, the opera diva Raquel De Angelis. The young ghostwriter, Robert Samson has been attempting for weeks to write the autobiography of the Maestro. To Robert’s frustration, the Ma... read more