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Miss Liberty

The story concerns an over-aggressive newspaper photographer, Horace, who attempts to seek out the model who posed for the creation of the Statue of Liberty. He visits Paris where he believes he has found her. He then brings the model, Monique, back to the United States for a grand tour around... read more

Mr. President

President Stephen Decatur Henderson loses his bid for re-election due to a botched trip to the Soviet Union. Eventually, at the behest of the new president, he returns to political life as a Senator. read more

The Nervous Set

The Nervous Set takes place in New York City in 1950 and focuses on the personal life of the editor of an off-beat literary magazine, Brad, and his wife, Jan. The show follows their attempts to find meaning and love in a society they find discontented -- or overly contented to the point of dullne... read more

New Girl in Town

Chris Christopherson, an old, hard-drinking Swedish barge captain, is thrilled to hear that his daughter, Anna, is coming to visit. He hasn't seen her in over fifteen years and remembers her as a sweet and innocent little girl. At first, the reunion goes well. Anna fits in with her father's frien... read more

Nymph Errant

Fresh out of finishing school in Switzerland, beautiful young Evangeline is on a quest to lose her innocence. Miss Pratt, her school teacher, has urged Evangeline and her classmates to "experiment" and Evangeline has taken this advice to heart. Her quest takes her to the beach at Neauville, the... read more

The Octoroon

The Octoroon was written by Dion Boucicault and was adapted from the novel The Quadroon by Thomas Mayne Reid. The play was first produced in 1859, at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City, and was both controversial because of it’s sympathetic and human portrayal of slaves before the civil... read more

Once in a Lifetime

In the dying days of vaudeville, a washed-up performing trio cools its heels in New York City. Dim-witted straight man George is happy to sit around reading Variety, energetic idea man Jerry is off at the movies, leaving practical May to bewail the future. When the first talking picture revolutio... read more

Pardon My English

In order to promote the sale of alcoholic beverages, the German government has outlawed all soft drinks. As a result, soft drink speakeasies have been born. Golo Schmidt, a criminal mastermind, runs Klub 21 where illegal soft drinks are served. Golo used to be Michael Bramleigh, a suave British... read more

Paul Bunyan

The opera focuses on a group of lumberjacks in early America. The men, brought in from countries around the world, must work together to find a foreman and deal with the many difficulties of life in the New World. The giant Paul Bunyan, meanwhile, struggles to find a wife his size. Eventually,... read more

Peter Grimes

The tragic story of Peter Grimes revolves around the tormented title character, a fisherman who finds himself shunned by the rest of his small village.  At once the protagonist and the anti-hero, Grimes is gruff and unpopular, but the character is crafted with a certain degree of ambiguity so the... read more