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Brief Encounter/Still Life

At Milford Junction Railway Station, a housewife named Laura Jesson awaits the train home after a day of shopping. There is something in her eye, and a doctor, Alec Harvey, takes it out. They see each other again the next summer and decide to have lunch together and go to the movies, as they en... read more

A Bright Room Called Day

In 1930s Berlin, a group of left-leaning friends struggle to understand the world around them as Hitler rises to power. However, while they claim to have lofty ideals, they do not partake in active resistance against Hitler. The main character, Agnes, is mainly concerned about keeping her rent-co... read more

La buona figliuola

The marquis of Conchiglia has fallen in love with Cecchina who is a maid. Shocked by the social impropriety of such a match, Cavaliere Armidoro, the fiancee of the marquis's sister, refuses to marry Lucinda. Distraught over losing the man she loves, Lucinda begs the marquis to stop seeing Cecchin... read more

By Jupiter

By Jupiter takes place in the land of the Amazons, which is ruled by women. An army of Greek soldiers arrives seeking the Sacred Girdle of Diana, currently in use by the Queen of the Amazons. The women initially refuse to give up the Sacred Girdle and put up a ferocious front. However, by the... read more


In 18th century Paris, Countess Madeleine loves both music and poetry. And soon she finds herself wooed by both a musician and a poet. The Countess suggests that her two suitors collaborate on an opera. However, after the opera, she still cannot decide if she loves music or words or the musician... read more

Castor et pollux

Castor et Pollux is the story of brotherly and romantic love that brings its own heroic rescue of Castor from the Underworld, as Pollux encounters the devils and monsters that try to bar his way. Eventually both brothers are granted immortality, taking their place in the sky as the heavenly twins... read more

Charley's Aunt

Charley and Jack love Amy and Kitty. Amy is about to go away, and Charley thinks he may miss his opportunity to ask for her hand. Then he discovers that his aunt, a Brazilian woman he hardly knows, is coming for lunch. How fortuitous Now the aunt can chaperone while the boys ask the girls to... read more

Chase Me, Comrade!

Chase Me, Comrade is a hilarious British farce written by Ray Cooney, inspired by the true story of Rudolf Nureyev, a famous Russian ballet dancer, who defected to the West in the 1960’sNancy Rimmington is the daughter of the famous Commander Rimmington of the British Navy. One day, her friend, A... read more

La Clemenza di Tito

Vitellia, daughter to the former Roman emperor, Vitellius, is so bitter that the new emperor, Tito , does not requite her love, that she engages in a plot to assassinate him. While she is pining after Titus, Sextus is pining after her -- and Vitellia takes advantage, enlisting him to manage the... read more

Collette Collage

Colette Collage concerns the great French authoress and takes place in various times and places. The first part of the show revolves around Colette's youthful marriage to an exploitive older man, culminating in her break for independence. Act two shows her as a mature and successful lady. She end... read more