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A Devil Inside

Gene leads an ordinary life: attending college, working in his mother’s laundromat, and doing skateboard tricks for fun and profit. But his world is turned upside down on his 21st birthday when his mother, tough and determined Mrs. Slater, reveals that his father was murdered in the Poconos 14 ye... read more

Dinner with Friends

In this contemporary age when couples befriend other couples to find family companions with common ground, Dinner with Friends seeks to explore what happens when one of these romantic pairs breaks down, and the waves that can make across households. Gabe and Karen, collaborators in the industry o... read more


Corporate lawyer Amir Kapoor is living a wonderful life: he is happy, in love with his wife, and about to land the biggest promotion of his career. But when he briefly helps his nephew with a case defending a man of Muslim faith, Amir’s career and personal life begin to slowly unravel. When Amir... read more

Doctor Atomic

Against a backdrop of desert solitude and scorched landscapes, a new millennium in human history is about to start in July 1945. The war is in its final, terrible phase.Germany has surrendered but Japan will fight to the bitter end, costing possibly a half-million casualties. In the New Mexico de... read more

Doktor Mirakel

Hauptmann Silvio is in love with the daughter of the Mayor of Padua, Lauretta. Unfortunately, the Mayor has forbidden Lauretta from seeing Silvio. Thus, Silvio disguises himself as a servant of the Mayor and cooks him an omelot so terrible that the Mayor deems it poisoned. Silvio quickly disgui... read more

Don't Hug Me

Don't Hug Me takes place in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota. It's the coldest day of the year and cantankerous bar owner, Gunner Johnson, wants to sell the business and move to Florida. Clara, his wife and former Winter Carnival Bunyan Queen, wants to stay. Bernice Lundstrom, the pretty waitress, wants to... read more

Dreaming or The Consequences on Hispanics After 9/11

What is a dream? What does it mean to dream? Or to dream what kills, Or to be the dream that may not be a dream. Manny dreams more than he should, he dreams of his bloody mother, and the day bodies fell from the sky, he also dreams there is a God, and some numbers following him around trying to s... read more

Dreamless or The Sergio Urrego Phenomenon

Dreamless is a two-act play, the first act is a one-man show inspired by the letter Sergio Urrego left before he died. In a parallel world, after Sergio dies, he is forced to live the same day as an actor being watched by an eternal theater audience. In the second act, An angel decides Sergio’s t... read more

Dreams in Captivity

After being kicked out of culinary school, aspiring chef Pax returns to his hometown to regroup. There he happens upon an old friend from high school, Livi, who he learns has forgone a promising acting career to work in a retirement home. Meanwhile Livi's sister-in-law Reina enrolls in a class ab... read more

DuBarry Was a Lady

Louis Blore, attendant in the men's washroom of the Club Petite in New York, wins $75,000 in the Irish sweeps. Having long had a crush on the star of the floor show, May Daly, Louis seeks to win her away from her fiancé. He tries to put Alex away with knock-out drops, but mixes up the glasses... read more