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La Favorite

In early 14th century Spain, a love triangle develops involving the King of Castile Alfonso XI, the beautiful Leonora and a novice monk, Fernando. In the background, the Moors have invaded Spain and a power struggle has begun between church and state. read more

Fear and Misery in the Third Reich

Written while the author was in exile in Denmark, the play presents a sequence of twenty-four realistic sketches showing how ordinary life under the Nazis was subtly permeated by suspicion and anxiety. The scenes, not directly by story but knit together by theme, play like frames in a film runnin... read more

Feast in Time of Plague

Set in 1665 London during the Black Plague, the opera revolves around a banquet in which revelries continue while death surrounds the participants. read more

Feathers and Teeth

Chris’s life is over. On top of the usual problems which come with being thirteen -- angst, hormones, attention from the dorky kid next door -- her mother is dead, and her deluded father, Arthur, has a new girlfriend: Carol, her mother’s hospice nurse. Chris is convinced that perfectly-coiffed Ca... read more


Fiction is a play about the secrets in the lives of a seemingly devoted couple, Linda Waterman and Michael Waterman. The set is minimal and the play only requires three actors. Linda is a professor who has written one successful novel, but now has writer’s block. Her husband Michael is a successf... read more

The Fiery Angel

Renata is a tortured soul possessed by a "fiery angel" whom she loves. She later identifies the angel with Count Heinrich. She enlists the help of Ruprecht and the magician Aggripa von Nettesheim to help her come in contact with her "Angel". read more

La Finta giardiniera, (The Pretended Garden-Girl)

La Finta Giardiniera tells the story of Count Belfiore and Violante, who were lovers until Belfiore stabbed Violante in a quarrel. Mistakenly believing Violante to be dead, Belfiore has become engaged to the very jealous Arminda. Violante, meanwhile, has disguised herself as the gardener Sandrina... read more

Le Flibustier

The action takes place in Saint-Malo, at the end of the 17th century, in the dwelling of Legoëz, which overlooks the sea. Eight years ago, Pierre left home at the age of ten to be a pirate. His grandfather Legoëz and cousin Janik, who loves him, have long hoped that he would return. Years later a... read more

Florencia en el Amazonas

The opera details the journey of the legendary diva Florencia Grimaldi and her fellow passengers on a boat ride down the Amazon. As they travel through the magical rainforest toward their destination, the opera house in Manaus, each passenger harbors a secret hope of what the trip will bring. read more

Foolin' Around with Infinity

Foolin' Around with Infinity is set in a missile silo under Utah. This play is a political comedy. The main characters are Air Force officers waiting to set off a nuke. They start to lose their minds in part due to the isolation and pressure of their job. Meanwhile Mac’s young daughter runaway hi... read more