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Fabulation or, The Re-Education of Undine

Undine Barnes Calles, a successful black woman who has fought her way to the top of her social echelon, lives a comfortable and busy life as the founder and president of a PR firm meant to cater to other African-American elite and nouveau riche. She specializes in non-profit benefits and finds de... read more

The Father

Andre is a man facing persecution from all sides, and he refuses to take it any longer. First some girl, a “helper” -- whom he doesn’t need at all -- steals his favorite watch. Then his daughter Anne, a scheming woman who worries too much, tries to take his flat away -- the beautiful flat he’s ha... read more

Feathers and Teeth

Chris’s life is over. On top of the usual problems which come with being thirteen -- angst, hormones, attention from the dorky kid next door -- her mother is dead, and her deluded father, Arthur, has a new girlfriend: Carol, her mother’s hospice nurse. Chris is convinced that perfectly-coiffed Ca... read more

Fuddy Meers

A sinister and zany comedic romp with a dark domestic drama at its heart, Fuddy Meers illustrates a world in which nothing is as it seems, hardly anyone can be understood, and trusting the wrong person can get you locked in the basement with a foul-mouthed sock puppet, hit over the head with a f... read more

The Homecoming

Often considered one of Harold Pinter’s most ambiguous plays, The Homecoming explores issues of sex, power, and the female role in a cryptic, yet enthralling, manner. The action takes place in an old house in north London. It is the home of an all-male family, presided over by the abusive patriar... read more

Killer Joe

Killer Joe is an early play by award-winning playwright Tracy Letts. It tells the story of a young drug dealer named Chris who finds himself in desperate need of some cash. He and his father Ansel come up with the idea to murder Chris’ mother for her life insurance policy. They hire part-time hit... read more

Lacey's Last Chance

Lacey yearns for lasting love but has the unfortunate habit of – when the going gets tough – killing her partners. Hoping to attain a more peaceful life, Lacey takes up origami and begins dating Trent who, despite learning of her crimes, adores her and believes she can change. But will his faith... read more

The Land of Little Horses

Rebecca Gilman’s The Land of Little Horses explores the lives of Evelyn, Jessica, and Jean Louise, three sisters who spent their childhoods in the shadow of their alcoholic father’s struggling career as a poet and academic. Evelyn, recently engaged to her long-time boyfriend Charles, has been lef... read more