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Laughing Wild

Laughing Wild shows us different perspectives of two troubled people trying to live in the chaos of New York City. Act One shows us the Woman, a disturbed individual prone to violent outbursts about people she hates like Sally Jesse Rapheal and Mother Theresa. She struggles for peace in her life,... read more

Other Desert Cities

When Brooke Wyeth returns home to Palm Springs for Christmas in 2004, she is unable to relax into the prickly, yet loving, embrace of her wealthy California family. Brooke has been in continuous rebellion against her conservative parents -- father Lyman, a former Republican ambassador, and mothe... read more


Jiehae Park’s clever and incisive adaptation of Macbeth is a comedy… until it’s not. Peerless tells the story of high school seniors and Asian-American twin sisters M and L who will do whatever it takes to win the one coveted affirmative action spot at “The College.” When the thick acceptance en... read more

Stupid F#%*ing Bird

Kind, hopeful Dev suffers from an unrequited love for Mash, who composes cleverly despairing songs on the ukulele. Mash is desperately in love with Con, a passionate playwright who is deeply in love with Nina, his beautiful, vibrant muse, and childhood friend. Nina seems to love him back, until... read more

The Visit

Claire Zachanassian, a famously wealthy woman, decides to return to her hometown of Brachen, Switzerland, for the first time since she left it, at 18 years old. The inhabitants of the town, now utterly impoverished after “The War”, are hopeful that Claire might offer financial support to revive t... read more

You Got Older

Dumped and fired by her boyfriend/boss, Mae assumes her life can’t get worse -- until her Dad acquires a rare, aggressive form of cancer. When she moves home to care for her ailing parent, Mae’s routine assumes an aimless, horrible youthfulness: sneak out to the bar, avoid her Dad’s discussion of... read more


Jerusalem is a raucous, provocative new work that tells of a modern, mythic English hero: Johnny “Rooster” Byron. During the course of this Tony-nominated play, Johnny tells tales, gets drunk, does drugs, dodges the authorities, and both charms and infuriates all that he meets. The play opens on... read more

4 Dogs and a Bone

In Los Angeles, morality flies fast and loose and no human exists who doesn’t want something from you, or so John Patrick Shanley’s 4 Dogs and a Bone sets out to prove. The quick and brutal dry comedy centers around the production of a single film, and four of its most important participants, wit... read more


Alcestis presents the story of the wife of Admetus, who -- according to Greek mythology --sacrificed her own life in order to bring her husband back from the dead. The King of Pherae in Thessaly, Admetus, marries Alcestis, the daughter of Pelias, King of Iolcus. On their wedding day, Admetus off... read more


The small army of administrative assistants belonging to Daniel Weisinger, a famous and powerful business mogul, are a mixed bag of motives: suave, aggressive Vince despises his boss; the underdogs, clumsy Heather and bitter Justin, are devoted to their jobs; obnoxiously competent Jenny is eager... read more