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Pinocchio (Prince Street Players' Version)

Taking place in Italy, the musical tells the classic tale of a wooden puppet who wants to become a real boy. The kind woodcarver, Maestro Geppetto, builds a marionette to be his substitute son. Soon, the Blue Fairy brings the toy to life. However, the puppet, named Pinocchio, is not yet a human b... read more

Plain and Fancy

The plot brings a pair of New York sophisticates, Dan and Ruth, into the Amish country of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to settle a piece of property owned by Dan's family. While there, they become involved with the local villagers, including an Amish girl who wants to marry a young man her own... read more


Cithaeron, the King of the Mountain, suggests to Mercury that Jupiter may teach his jealous wife Juno a lesson if he woos the ugly and conceited marsh-nymph Plataea. She has set her cap at Cithaeron, but responds positively, to the accompaniment of frogs. Jupiter appears to Plataea in a variety o... read more


A failing Italian restaurant in the small town of Pocatello, Idaho, celebrates “famigilia week” in an effort to drum up business and reconnect with its values--a bit contrived, considering the restaurant is one branch of large and impersonal corporate chain. But Eddie, the branch manager, believe... read more

A Pocketful of Rhymes

˜A Pocketful of Rhymes' is a musical revue based on the traditional Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Children in the cast use their own first names. The girls include at least one soprano, one mezzo and one alto. The boys include at least one tenor, one baritone and one bass. read more

Port Authority

Port Authority is a play that explores the lives of the lonely and unsure through three intersecting stories. These stories are narrated by three generations of Irishmen, who are the leads in their own stories. These men are Kevin, a young underachiever in love with his roommate; Dermot, a middle... read more

Present Laughter

A famous actor, Garry Essendine, finds himself visited by a young admirer, Daphne Stillington, who manages to convince him to allow her to stay the night. The next day, Garry manages to convince her to leave -- but only after Daphne meets all three of his employees. Garry's ex-wife, Liz Essendi... read more

Pride and Joy

Helene Nadler is a woman living on Long Island with three gay children. She constantly brags about how good a mother she is to them to the Massapequa chapter of Parents of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, The Transgendered, The Questioning, The Curious, The Creatively Concerned and Others. A part of... read more

Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Based on the 1994 popular movie of the same name, Priscilla Queen of the Desert follows the journey of two drag queens, Tick and Adam, and a transgender woman, Bernadette, as they travel across Australia in their bus, named Priscilla. Tick has been asked to perform at a hotel in Alice Springs by... read more

Prodaná nevěsta

In a small Bohemian village, the fair maiden Mařenka is enamored with her sweetheart, Jeník. The problem? Her parents have brokered a marriage for her with the bumbling, stuttering son of a rich farmer to whom Mařenka’s father owes a debt. Appalled at the thought of having to be parted, Mařenk... read more