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Rich and Famous

Rich and Famous is about a playwright, Bing Ringling, who has produced over 800 plays. However, his producer yearns for a flop, so she can taste failure. She attempts to sabotage his current play. Bing goes on an odyssey where he confronts a variety of odd and wacky characters as he tries to sa... read more

Rich Relations

Rich Relations is David Hwang's second play about evangelical Christianity and his first with a white, not Asian, cast. The play centers on a wealthy, materialistic, evangelical Christian family, the Orrs, who live in L.A. Hinson, the father, is a real estate baron. Keith, his son, is a high-s... read more


Goffredo, the Captain General of the Christian army, is leading his men in attacking Jerusalem. He has also promised the hand of his daughter, Almirena, to the Christian hero, Rinaldo. Argante, the Saracen King of Jerusalem, seeks a truce and works with the sorceress, Arminda, to abduct Almire... read more

Rio Rita

The Texas Ranger, lead by the handsome and tough Jim, are on a hunt for the bandit known as Kinkajou. Meanwhile, Jim is in love with Rio Rita. However, conflict ensues when General Esteban competes with Jim for Rio Rita’s love. read more

The Rivalry

The Rivalry is Norman Corwin’s dramatization of the great Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858. Lincoln, then a little-known country lawyer, challenged the popular Douglas for his Senate seat and, although he lost the race, gained such extraordinary fame that he would be elected President two years la... read more


The show takes place at a small, rustic and beautiful vacation resort in Indiana. Three couples are looking for contentment: Fred and Louise Sumner, a middle aged couple plagued with serious marital troubles, have returned to the location of their honeymoon 18 years ago; Virginia and Burt , a fre... read more

Rocket Man

After Donny ends up missing his daughter's sixteenth birthday and his wife leaves him, he decides to sell everything he has at a huge yard sale. His two friends Buck and Louise are worried about him, but he ploughs on. Eventually, he starts to explore concepts of space and time, and he ends up... read more


Grimoaldo has usurped the throne and forced King Bertarido to escape to Milan. Bertarido's wife and son are left behind. Gramoaldo decides to break off his engagement with Enduige and instead marry Rodelinda. Meanwhile, Bertarido returns to Milan in disguise with the help of his friend, Unulfo... read more

The Roman Invasion of Ramsbottom

The show tells the story of what would have happened if the ancient Romans had built the motorways. Gaius Julius Agricola, Governor of Britannia, wants to extend the C6 Chariotway to Carlisle. Conflict ensues when the residents of Ramsbottom refuse to pull down their local pub which is smack in t... read more


Romance, David Mamet's farcical send-up of the courtroom drama, takes place during a trial in which, well, the Defendant is defended by the Defense Attorney, prosecuted by the Prosecutor, and judged by the Judge, all while an intense Middle East peace conference rages just down the street. That'... read more