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The Real Thing

Taking place in London in the 1980s, The Real Thing focuses on the passionate but never fully satisfying love between Henry and Annie . When they start an affair Henry is already married to Charlotte and Annie is married to Max. Soon they both divorce their partners and marry each other. Unfortu... read more


"Redhead" is a murder mystery musical taking place in London in the early 1900s. After a young actress has been murdered, the Simpson Sisters' Waxworks puts on an exhibit showing the known events of the murder. The exhibit angers actor Tom Baxter, who greatly liked the deceased young actress. The... read more

References To Salvador Dali Make Me Hot

A surrealistic play that follows a young woman named Gabriela who has been separated from her husband, a military man. He has been off fighting in the Middle East, and returns feeling lonely and sexually frustrated. When he returns, Gabriela gives him an ultimatum. Features actors playing a coy... read more

Return to the Forbidden Planet

Fasten your seatbelts, return your tray tables to the upright position and prepare to blast off In this Olivier-award-winning musical, the many works of Shakespeare are aligned with a fabulous rock ‘n’ roll score to create a fun-filled, jiving-in-the-aisles musical. Loosely based on Shakespeare’s... read more

Reunion in Vienna

Elena Krug pines for her old love, Prince Rudolf Maximilian Von Hapsburg, formerly a prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire forced into exile after World War I. Her husband, psychoanalyst Anton Krug, is the one who bears the brunt of this pining. When Rudolf goes to Vienna to meet with old arist... read more


Taking place in 1520, the show revolves around Queen Elizabeth I of England and her father, King Henry VIII read more

Rich and Famous

Rich and Famous is about a playwright, Bing Ringling, who has produced over 800 plays. However, his producer yearns for a flop, so she can taste failure. She attempts to sabotage his current play. Bing goes on an odyssey where he confronts a variety of odd and wacky characters as he tries to sa... read more

Rich Relations

Rich Relations is David Hwang's second play about evangelical Christianity and his first with a white, not Asian, cast. The play centers on a wealthy, materialistic, evangelical Christian family, the Orrs, who live in L.A. Hinson, the father, is a real estate baron. Keith, his son, is a high-s... read more


Goffredo, the Captain General of the Christian army, is leading his men in attacking Jerusalem. He has also promised the hand of his daughter, Almirena, to the Christian hero, Rinaldo. Argante, the Saracen King of Jerusalem, seeks a truce and works with the sorceress, Arminda, to abduct Almire... read more

Rio Rita

The Texas Ranger, lead by the handsome and tough Jim, are on a hunt for the bandit known as Kinkajou. Meanwhile, Jim is in love with Rio Rita. However, conflict ensues when General Esteban competes with Jim for Rio Rita’s love. read more