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Uncommon Women and Others

A group of Mount Holyoke-educated women meet at a restaurant for a reunion six years after they graduate. After excitedly greeting one another, telling jokes, and catching up, they flashback to various important moments from their college days that have helped to define their post-graduate lives... read more

The Vagabond King

Filled with romance, swordplay, high aspirations and low comedy, ‘The Vagabond King’ recreates the world of medieval Paris saved from the Burgundians by a "king for a day"--the poet-thief François Villon. Paris is under siege by the forces of the Duke of Burgundy and popular support of King Louis... read more


In two parallel stories, King Ludwig of Bavaria and James Avery, in their two separate times, come to grips with their sexuality. Both deal with an obsession over swans and difficult mothers. James has sexual relationships with both men, like Henry Lee Stafford, and women, like Sally Mortimer.... read more


Chronicling the comic journey of three bubbly Texas teens from cheerleaders to sorority sisters to housewives, liberated women and beyond, this tale of coming-of-age in the '60s and '70s is a musical scrapbook of an era that had to be lived to be believed. Vanities offers a snapshot-sharp portrai... read more

La Vestale (The Vestal Virgin)

The Vestal virgin Julia finds herself divided between love and duty. She is duty bound to watch over the sacred flame in the temple. However, she is still in love with her former betrothed, the victorious general, Licinius. He tries to abduct her from the temple and while he escapes blame for pro... read more

Le Villi (The Willis)

Roberto and Anna's engagement is being celebrated in the house of the forest guard. However, Roberto must go to Mainz on legal matters. This is a bad omen for Anna. Soon, we see how the mermaid seduces Roberto and causes him to forget Anna. Then Anna dies of a broken heart. Anna's father, Gugliel... read more


Taking place in 1775 Virginia, the show concerns Fortesque’s attempts to get an important letter to General Washington past the British loyalists. read more

Visiting Mr. Green

In this play, Ross Gardner is an executive who has been recklessly driving and must do community service. He is a told to help an elderly man Mr. Green once a week in Mr. Green's NYC apartment. Mr. Green is grumpy and does not want his help. This play is about their relationship and how they ev... read more

The Vortex

The Vortex focuses on sexual vanity and drug abuse among the upper classes. A young composer, Nicky, proposes to his lover named Bunty. Meanwhile, Nicky’s mother has affairs with younger men. The action of the play centers on Nicky’s confused sexuality as well as his resentment for his mother. Hi... read more

Walking Happy

Taking place in an industrial town in Lancashire, England, in 1880 the show concerns a hard-drinking boot shop owner and his three daughters. While Alice and Vickie are anxious to get married, Hobson is happily keeping his eldest daughter Maggie unmarried since she is so helpful around the shop.... read more