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All My Sons

Act One


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Keller's backyard, 1947
Act One

Scene Context

In the night, the apple tree in the Keller backyard broke apart. The tree was planted as a memorial

Scene Text

Start: Keller: See what happened to the tree? Chris: [Without looking up] Yeah. Keller: What’s mother going to say? [cut section with Bert] Keller: What’s she going to say? Maybe we ought to tell her before she sees it?

End: Chris: I am thinking that way. Keller: [Lowering his hand] I don’t understand you, do I? Chris: No, you don’t. I’m a pretty tough guy. Keller: Yeah, I can see that.

For full extended scene, please refer to clips or the script edition cited here: Miller, Arthur. All My Sons. Samuel French, 1947.