Act One

The Historian appears to set the scene. He describes medieval England, emphasizing the widespread plague throughout the country. The Historian introduces King Arthur as the King of England but, in a comical misunderstanding, the ensemble mistake ‘England’ for ‘Finland’ (“Fisch Schlapping Song”). The Historian corrects them and the song is brought to an abrupt end. In a bleak English village, hooded monks chant in Latin before King Arthur enters with his servant, Patsy. They are travelling the country, looking for knights to join him in Camelot. They encounter Sir Robin and Sir Lancelot. Sir Robin collects plague victims and the pair are attempting to get rid of Not Dead Fred, despite his protestations that he’s not actually dead (“He Is Not Dead Yet”). Sir Robin and Sir Lancelot agree to become Knights of the Round Table.

Arthur next encounters Dennis Galahad, an outspoken peasant living with his mother. He and his mother refuse to accept that Arthur is King, as he has not been elected by the people. Frustrated, Arthur explains that he is King because the Lady of the Lake gave him the sword Excalibur, which is only bestowed upon those who are fit to rule the country. He calls on the Lady of the Lake to assist him, and she turns Dennis into a Knight (“Come With Me”). The new Sir Dennis Galahad and the Lady of the Lake

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