Writers: Eric Idle John Du Prez Neil Innes


Cindi Calhoun

Phoenix, Arizona

Olivia Post

Ann Arbor, MI

  • The Lady of The Lake at The Burns Park Players (2022)

Ashlyn Hehir

QLD, Australia

  • Lady of the Lake and Ensemble at Little Seed Theatre Company (2023)

Casey Withoos

Melbourne, VIC

  • The Lady of the Lake at The Mount Players (2015)

Tayjaah Janvier

Middletown, DE

  • Laker Girl/ Ensemble at Everett Theater (2023)

Malik Holley


  • Sir Bedevere at Booker Middle School

Ishika Muchhal

Los Angeles, CA

  • Minstrel & Ensemble at Monrovia High School (2016)

Jim Pope

Morristown, Tennessee

Ella Thurlow

Oklahoma City, OK

Emma Feinstein

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Ensemble at Ramblewood Middle (2020)
  • Minstrel at Ramblewood Middle School (2020)

Bailey Fier

Coral Springs, Florida

  • Sir Dennis Galahad at Ramblewood Players

Johnny Fletcher

Irvine, California

Dwayne Johnson

Birmingham, Alabama

  • Galahad/Black Knight/Father at Virginia Samford Theatre (2016)

Justine Gray

Conroe, Texas

  • Sound technician at Stage Right of Texas (2022)

Spoon Meiners

Eugene, Oregon

  • Historian/Not Dead Fred/Prince Herbert/Robin's Minstrel/French Taunter at Pegasus Playhouse (2023)

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