The Right Finger of my Left Hand


Essie Whimple

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[SPOKEN] Don't want to get married? Of course I do. A girl just can't be too hasty, that's all. I could have married lots of men if I'd wanted. Bankers, lawyers, green-grocers... princes, kings! Oh, that's a lie. No one has asked me.

[MUSIC] The right finger of me left hand, Is the lonesomest place in town. Day after day it lingers, Lookin' at other fingers, Whether smoothin' out a snowy veil, or pattin' a satin gown.

You'd think someone quarantined it, It's a sort of a no-man's land. Wouldn't I swoon, If some afternoon, I found a small gold band, On the right finger, The white finger, The right finger of me own left hand.

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The Right Finger of my Left Hand