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What is StageAgent?

StageAgent LogoStageAgent is the internet’s most comprehensive resource dedicated to theatre education and performance opportunities. Our 1500+ professionally written show guides offer context, plot and character breakdowns, and performance clips for musicals, plays, operas and operettas. We also maintain free libraries containing hundreds of monologues and audition songs. Our auditions board and ticket discount section provide further opportunities for theatrical performers and fans alike. Meanwhile, our blog provides expert advice from industry professionals.

Some Facts About STageAgent

Our team is constantly adding new content to StageAgent! But, as of 2018, here are some StageAgent facts:

  • 1,500+ show guides about musicals, plays, operas and operettas
  • 20,000+ theatrical character breakdowns
  • 3,000+ theatre company profiles
  • 600,000+ monthly site visitors 

Our History

StageAgent originally started at a dorm room in Stanford University. Our founder, Jason Engleman, loved auditioning and performing in musicals and plays on campus. However, as a busy college student, Jason struggled to find the time to spend hours at the library reading through librettos and vocal scores to research roles.  He realized that an online character breakdown database would save performers hours of time. He created the first version of StageAgent as part of a computer science course and over the years, the site has continued to evolve and find new ways to make life easier and more efficient for stage performers.

Who Works for StageAgent?

The StageAgent team consists of theatre experts with extensive on-stage, off-stage and academic experience.  We love theatre, and members of our team currently perform, direct and teach in New York, San Francisco, Portland and Los Angeles.  You can read our staff writers' bios on our contributors page.

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