Age Range
Part Size
High Note
C6 Soprano C (High C)
Low Note
Vocal Technique
Rock, Pop, Folk, Country
Time & Place
1956, sun studios, memphis, tennessee, december 4


Carl Perkins is working with Sam on a new record at Sun, hoping to recapture some of his fame as a founding father of rock and roll. He resents younger, up and coming musicians, including Jerry Lee Lewis. His song “Blue Suede Shoes,” that he wrote and recorded, was a bigger hit for Elvis than it was for him. Carl is worried that he won’t be remembered in history as one of rock and roll’s greatest musicians. He struggles between remaining relevant in the record business and staying true to his guitar-centered rock and roll sound. However, he enjoys a camaraderie with his fellow Sun artists and revels in making music with them throughout the evening.

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