Don’t let her bedevil you, gentlemen. A

Finian McLonergan

Finian's Rainbow

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Age Range
Act Two, Scene Three
Time & Place
Village green/meetin’ place, Missitucky, U.S.A.
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Finian’s daughter Sharon has just been accused of witchcraft, and the Sheriff and

Monologue Text

Don’t let her bedevil you, gentlemen. A witch she is and a witch she’s always been. Who would know better than me, her unhappy father, who found her on me doorstep, left by a fairy in the moonlight. At the age of two, she could talk with the skylarks, and decode the chirping of the crickets. At the age of four, she could blow a rainbow out of a bubble pipe, and then wear her pants out sliding down it. Then, during her adolescence, she took a tragic turn. She began to change whiskey into milk. It was a crisis, a crisis. From then on, one change led to another, and now you are all witnesses to the unhappy climax - she’s changed a white man into a black. (silencing gesture) Quiet, Woody, I’m doing the right thing. Just a minute, gentlemen. Sharon can also change a black man into a white.

Harburg, E.Y. and Saidy, Fred. Finian's Rainbow. Berkley Medallion Books, New York, NY. 1947. p. 108.