- Very soon after my arrival there - I...

The Liar


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  • Very soon after my arrival there
  • I met Orphise. Her charms, beyond compare,
  • Would have subdued a heart of flint. Her gaze
  • Transfixed me with its bright, soul-searching rays.
  • I sought an introduction: the reward
  • For my attentions was her kind regard;
  • Within six months she had returned my love
  • With secret favors… nothing to reprove
  • Until at last I had obtained the right
  • To climb into her bedroom, late at night…
  • Just for a chat. One night -- I can remember
  • The date -- it was the second of November --
  • (It was the night that I was caught, you see)
  • Her father had been dining out, and we
  • Heard him come up the stairs, and stop, and knock
  • On the bedroom door. Orphise got quite a shock!
  • She froze, then blenched, then blushed, then used her head --
  • She drew the curtains round me in the bed
  • And let him in. She seemed to have a plan:
  • She hugged him -- almost choked the poor old man --
  • So that it wouldn’t look as though he’d caught her
  • Off guard. He took a seat, and told his daughter
  • He’d just received a very handsome offer
  • For her hand! Picture what I had to suffer.
  • She managed to respond so cleverly
  • As to please him, without alarming me.
  • At length they finished this distressing chat --
  • But just as he was going out -- guess what?
  • My watch began to strike! He dropped the latch,
  • And said: “I didn’t know you had a watch.
  • Who gave it you?” “Cousin Acaste,” she stalled,
  • “Just brought it round -- he wants it overhauled.
  • It seems to go off every other minute.
  • His quarter’s got no decent jewelers in it.”
  • “Give it to me. That’s easily corrected,”
  • He said. Orphise came over to collect it --
  • I passed it through the curtain, but in vain --
  • My pistol got entangled with the chain,
  • Which pulled the trigger and discharged a shot.
  • Disaster! Orphise fainted on the spot.
  • Her father hurled himself onto the floor,
  • And shouted “Assassins!” and “Au secours!”
  • His son and several servants blocked my path,
  • But I was practically insane with wrath:
  • I drew my sword, and tried to force my way
  • Between them, but, in the ensuing fray,
  • My rapier snapped, which forced me to give ground.
  • Meanwhile, Orphise was starting to come round:
  • Recent events had clearly stunned her, but
  • She was sufficiently alert to shut
  • The bedroom door, with only her and me
  • Inside. We both began, spontaneously,
  • To pile up boxes, tables, chairs and beds,
  • In a huge barricade; we’d lost our heads --
  • As if our puny efforts could achieve
  • Anything better than a brief reprieve!
  • They smashed a hole and entered through the wall --
  • I saw the game was up, and had to call
  • Our struggle to a halt.

Corneille, Pierre. Two Plays: The Liar, The Illusion. trans. Ranjit Bolt. Absolute Classics, Bath, England. 1989. pp. 30-31.

All monologues are property and copyright of their owners. Monologues are presented on StageAgent for educational purposes only.


All monologues are property and copyright of their owners. Monologues are presented on StageAgent for educational purposes only.

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