The Liar

  • I can’t believe I swallowed all those


The Liar

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Age Range
Act Five
Time & Place
The streets of Paris, 1700s
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Geronte is the caring father of Dorante, a young man who has a tendency toward

Monologue Text

  • I can’t believe I swallowed all those lies!
  • But pretty soon you’ll get your just deserts --
  • It’s my stupidity that really hurts.
  • To let myself be made the tool and toy
  • Of a mere fop -- a callow, impish boy!
  • Have I offended you? I don’t recall
  • Doing you any serious harm at all.
  • I’ve always been as lenient as I could --
  • I spanked you sometimes, but it did you good.
  • If you were so revolted by Clarice
  • You should have said -- why fool about like this?
  • I only wanted you to be content --
  • I proved it, too, by giving my consent
  • To your marrying a girl I’d never seen.
  • And yet, what use has all this kindness been,
  • If insults and deceit are your idea
  • Of gratitude? And now, get out of here --
  • I wash my hands of you.

Corneille, Pierre. Two Plays: The Liar, The Illusion. trans. Ranjit Bolt. Absolute Classics, Bath, England. 1989. p. 62.