The Liar

  • You seem intent on messing me about.


The Liar

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Age Range
Act Three
Time & Place
The streets of Paris, 1700s
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Alcippe is a young man of Paris, who believes that his fiancee, Clarice, is being

Monologue Text

  • You seem intent on messing me about.
  • Well then, since you insist, I’ll spell it out:
  • I’ve loved this girl for years, and she loves me --
  • At least, she did -- but now, apparently,
  • You’ve ousted me with music, banquets and
  • Fireworks, although you clearly understand
  • The situation -- since that’s obviously
  • Why you returned without informing me.
  • But now you’ve chosen to come out of hiding:
  • Secrecy bores you -- you prefer deriding
  • Your beaten rival with a full report
  • On your romantic exploits. I’d have thought
  • I had good reason to be shocked and wounded
  • By such behaviour!

Corneille, Pierre. Two Plays: The Liar, The Illusion. trans. Ranjit Bolt. Absolute Classics, Bath, England. 1989. p. 34