A Loss of Roses

Wasn’t he handsome? I never told you, He

Lila Green

A Loss of Roses

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Age Range
Act One, Scene One
Time & Place
A small town in Kansas, 1930s
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Lila is an out-of-work actress, who has come to stay with her widowed friend Helen

Monologue Text

Wasn’t he handsome? I never told you, Helen, but I guess I can now. I had the wildest crush on your husband that a silly, young girl could possibly have. He was my model. I told myself that I was gonna have husband like him some day. And I measured every man I met by your Kenneth. I’d ask myself, “Is he as nice and intelligent as Mr. Baird? Is he as honest? Is he as thoughtful and understanding? Is he as strong and handsome?” I didn’t often answer any of those questions with a yes, but I tried. I guess lotsa times I’ve tried to talk myself into thinking some guys are better than they really are.

Inge, William. A Loss of Roses. Random House Inc., New York, NY. 1960. p. 36.

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