Hedda Gabler

Yes, a scandal. The thing you’re so frig

Judge Brack

Hedda Gabler

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Age Range
Act Four
Time & Place
Drawing room in the villa of George Tesman, Norway; 1890s
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Judge Brack is, at this point, both saving and threatening Hedda Gabler. He knows

Monologue Text

Yes, a scandal. The thing you’re so frightened of. You’ll have to appear in court together with Mademoiselle Danielle. She’ll have to explain how it all happened. Was it an accident, or was it – homicide? Was he about to take the pistol from his pocket to threaten her? And did it go off? Or did she snatch the pistol from his hand, shoot him and then put it back in his pocket? She might easily have done it. She’s a resourceful lady, is Mademoiselle Danielle.

Ibsen, Henrik, trans. Michael Meyer. Hedda Gabler. Methuen Student Edition, 2002, p.102