In the Blood

Sunday night. He had people in there lis


In the Blood

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Age Range
Act Two, Scene Eight
Time & Place
“Night. The back entrance to Reverends new church.”
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Hester has come with her “kids in tow” to confront Reverend D. He is the father of

Monologue Text

Sunday night. He had people in there listening to him this morning. He passed the plate in my name. Not in my name directly. Keeps me secret, cause, well, he has his image. I understand that. Dont want to step on everything hes made for himself. And he still wants me. I can tell. A woman can tell when a man eyes her and he eyed me all right. (Rest) Yr building this just from talking. Must be saying the right things. Nobodyd ever give me nothing like this for running my mouth. Gonna get me something now. Get something or do something. Fuck you up fuck you up! Hold on, girl, it wont come to that. (Rest) [I'll only ask for 5 dollars. 5 dollars a week. That way he cant say no. And hes got a church, so he got 5 dollars. I'll say I need to buy something for the kids. No. I'll say I need to—get my hair done. There is this style, curls piled up on the head, I'll say. Takes hours to do. I need to fix myself up, I'll say. Need to get my looks back. Need to get my teeth done. Caps, bridges, what they called, fillers, whatever. New teeth, dentures. Dentures. He dont cough up I'll go straight to Welfare. Maybe.]

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