The Beard of Avon

Start: What have I done! My ancient weak

Anne Hathaway

The Beard of Avon

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Age Range
Act Two, Scene Four
Time & Place
A Road outside London, 16th Century
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Anne Hathaway, a farmwife abandoned by her stage struck young husband, Will

Monologue Text

Start: What have I done! My ancient weakness loses me the day! I’m just a maid who can’t say “nay”.

[... ...]

End: Of this mis-fired adventure, what am I to say -- !! (She takes Oxford’s ring, now on a ribbon around her neck. Looks at it, for moment. A slow burn, then a slow smile.) That I had a wicked and a sweet night once -- that showed me what life might be, if only I had not been me.

For full extended monologue, see:
Freed, Amy. The Beard of Avon, Samuel French, Inc., 2004, p 62.