Stones In His Pockets

I’ll have the lemon meringue pie please

Charlie Conlan

Stones In His Pockets

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Age Range
Act One, Scene One
Time & Place
Film set near a small village in Co. Kerry, Ireland
Time Period
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Monologue Context

This monologue opens the play and introduces Charlie Conlan to the audience. Charlie

Monologue Text

I’ll have the lemon meringue pie please … I know I was up before but it’s not for me … it’s for my mate … yes he, is, he is an extra I swear … he can’t come and get it himself because he has just sprained his ankle … okay … (To the man behind him) don’t shuv there’s plenty left … (To caterer) an accident report sheet? … he only went over on it, it’s not life threatening … no he doesn’t want a full dinner he only wants the sweet … (To man behind him) I know we are only meant to have one helping but it’s not for me … (To caterer) Look, I don’t know why he can eat a sweet and not his dinner if he’s sick, what am I a doctor or something … the fella asked me to go and get him a helping of lemon meringue pie … fine fine … No problem. (Walks away) Jesus Christ the Spanish Inquisition to get a bloody pudding.

Jones, Marie. Stones In His Pockets. London: Nick Hern Books Ltd., 2000.

Act One: p.9

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