The Man Who Came to Dinner

What do you mean take it easy? Do you re

Lorraine Sheldon

The Man Who Came to Dinner

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Age Range
Act Two, Scene One
Time & Place
The Stanley home, afternoon
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Lorraine Sheldon, a glamorous star of stage and screen, pays a visit to a small town

Monologue Text

What do you mean take it easy? Do you realize I’ll be the laughingstock of England? Why, I don’t dare show my face! I always knew Beverly Carlton was low, but not this low. Why? WHY? It isn’t even funny. Why would he do it, that’s what I want to know. Why would he do it? Why would anyone in the world want to play a silly trick like this? I can’t understand it. Do you, Sherry? Do you, Maggie? You both saw him this afternoon. Why would he walk out of here, go right to a phone booth, and try to ship me over to England on a fool’s errand! There must have been some reason -- there must have. It doesn’t make sense otherwise. Why would Beverly Carlton, or anybody else for that matter, want me to -- Oh! Oh! (Her eye, which has been on Maggie, goes momentarily to the dining room, where Bert has disappeared. Then her gaze returns to Maggie.) I-I think I begin to -- of course! Of course! That’s it. Of course that’s it. Yes, and that’s a very charming bracelet that Mr. Jefferson gave you -- isn’t it, Maggie dear? Of course. It makes complete sense now. And to think that I nearly -- well! Wild horses couldn’t get me out of here now, Maggie. And if I were you I’d hang onto that bracelet, dear. It’ll be something to remember him by!

Hart, Moss, and Kaufman, George S. The Man Who Came to Dinner. Dramatists Play Service, Inc. 1967. pp. 61.

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