You’re a wonderful dancer… and I can tel

Madge Owens


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Act Two, Scene One
Time & Place
Small Kansas town, Owens/Potts backyard, Labor Day, late afternoon,
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Madge is a young woman, known for her beauty, who is restless and uncomfortable in

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You’re a wonderful dancer… and I can tell a lot about a boy by dancing with him. Some boys, even though they’re very smart, or very successful in some other way, when they take a girl in their arms to dance, they’re sort of awkward and a girl feels sort of uncomfortable. But when you took me in your arms — to dance — I had the most relaxed feeling, that you knew what you were doing, and I could follow every step of the way. You mustn’t pay any attention to Miss Sydney. Women like her make me mad at the whole female sex. You’re young, and — you’re very entertaining, I mean — you say all sorts of witty things, and I just love listening to you talk. And you’re strong, and — you’re very good-looking. I bet Miss Sydney thought so, too, or she wouldn’t have said those things.

Inge, William. Four Plays. Grove Press, New York, NY. 1958. pp. 125-126.

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