“I could die tonight.



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Age Range
Scene 8
Time & Place
A high school dance
Time Period
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Monologue Context

A nervous D is at the Hoopcoming Dance with his dream girl, M. And to make things

Monologue Text

“I could die tonight.
I’m at Hoopcoming
with the smartest and prettiest
Girl in the school

And her twin who is also the prettiest
Is here with my brother.
Who was too scared to ask anyone to Hoopcoming til I told him
You gotta lean into the fear
Lean into it hard
If you lean into it hard enough
Fast enough
“Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it”
That’s a quote I didn’t make that up it’s a quote I’m doing this course My biological dad signed me up for this course And at first I was mad He invited me to his “graduation” which was kind of his “graduation” but also kind of a “recruitment meeting” And I was kinda uncomfortable
With all these like grown ups with problems like drinking or dead children or no job But I figured “what the hell”
It’s summer “what the hell”
Besides it was right after

it changed me It did
It changed me
I didn’t use to see positive I didn’t use to see possible What I did use to see was fat and ugly and fat arms and fat hands and bad skin and no dad and a brother with cystic fibrosis and ok at school but probably a future alone choking to death on a pretzel in my mom’s basement watching reruns of Cheers.”

Park, Jiehae. Peerless. New York: WME Entertainment, Draft 1/17/16. p. 47-49.