The Graduate

Well nothing’s perfect Benjamin. I wish


The Graduate

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Act One, Scene Six
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Club Renaissance, Hollywood, California, 1964, evening,
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Elaine Robinson, a bright college student home for summer break, is on a disastrous

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Well nothing’s perfect Benjamin. I wish my mother didn’t drink so much. I wish I’d never fallen out of that tree and broken my thumb because it so affects my fingering I’ll probably never play the violin as well as I’d love to but that’s about it for the bullshit, Benjamin. It’s only bullshit if you let it pile up. Heaven’s in the details. Someone said that. I think Robert Frost said that. I was in this diner with my roommate Diane? And this guy came along with a goat on a rope and it turns out the reason he’s got a little goat on a rope is that he was thrown out the day before for bringing in his dog? But the point is that Diane had stood up to leave when she saw the man walk in and she sat straight down again and said, well if there’s a goat I think I’ll have dessert. And that’s why I love Diane, because if you think like that you not only notice more little goats, you get more dessert.

Johnson, Terry. The Graduate. Samuel French, Inc. New York, NY. 2003. p. 47-48.

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