The Graduate

Long gone away somewhere I don’t know. I

Mrs. Robinson

The Graduate

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Age Range
Act One, Scene Eight
Time & Place
The Robinson home, Southern California, 1964,
Time Period
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Monologue Context

Mrs. Robinson is an unhappy wife and mother, a longtime alcoholic, She has been

Monologue Text

Long gone away somewhere I don’t know. I met your father, he used t’sing t’me. We’d be go someplace in the car and he would sing. He could sing. But not the high notes. Some songs he couldn’t get those high notes. So at school I had this teacher. Who taught the choir and the piano and the oboe, but the choir, so I know if you singing high up there you must think you breathing in, not out, as you go up… You understand? In, not out, and high as you like. So one night. In the car. I taught him. And right away, he could. And all the songs he used to sing… to want to sing… suddenly… he could sing ‘em. And you know what? He never sang to me again.

Johnson, Terry. The Graduate. Samuel French, Inc. New York, NY. 2003. p. 54.