King of the Yees

Well, “a paper name” is when you’re chin

Larry Yee

King of the Yees

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Age Range
Act 1
Time & Place
Chinatown, San Francisco, America
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Monologue Context

At this point in the play, Larry Yee, Lauren’s father, is explaining Chinese

Monologue Text

Well, “a paper name” is when you’re chinese and you come to america and you gotta get yourself some papers that say, “oh yeah sure, i’m a american citizen, yeah--“wink wink.”--and sometimes the fake papers got a DIFFERENT last name than your ACTUAL name. and the fake name is known as your “paper name.” most people keep the fake name, even though everyone else in chinatown knows your real name. and that’s basically the chinese excusion— excludon? clusion. (starts again) the chinese “don’t let them in” act of 1882!

Yee, Lauren. The King of the Yees. p. 21. Accessed October 28, 2016.

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