Hay Fever

Well I’m not going to spare your feeling

Myra Arundel

Hay Fever

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Age Range
Act Two
Time & Place
England, 1920s
Time Period
Show Type

Monologue Context

Myra is caught in the middle of Judith and David’s exaggerated marital argument and

Monologue Text

Well I’m not going to spare your feelings, or anyone else’s. You’re the most infuriating set of hypocrites I’ve ever seen. This house is a complete feather-bed of false emotions--you’re posing, self-centred egotists, and I’m sick to death of you. Don’t speak to me--I’ve been working up for this, only every time I opened my mouth I’ve been mowed down by theatrical effects. You haven’t got one sincere or genuine feeling among the lot of you--you’re artificial to the point of lunacy. It’s a great pity you ever left the stage, Judith--it’s your rightful home. You can rant and roar there as much as ever you like--

Noel Coward. Hay Fever. London: Samuel French Acting Edition. p.45

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