Mr. Burns, a Post-electric Play

“If you figure population 300 million. L


Mr. Burns, a Post-electric Play


Age Range
Act Two
Time & Place
A Theater, 7 years after the apocalypse
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Monologue Context

As the group rehearses their Simpsons play, they get caught up in a discussion about

Monologue Text

“If you figure population 300 million. Let’s say half of that is women. 50 million. Let’s say of that, like, 30 million are under 10. So that’s 120 million… which is hard, let’s say 50 million are under 10 or over 70 leaving 100 million women and let’s pretend only half of them drink Diet Coke, 50 million, and let’s pretend that they only have 2 a week 100 million and let’s pretend that there’s only 2 weeks’ worth in circulation so there should be at any given Before moment 200 million Diet Cokes around in shops and warehouses and then there’s an After population of a million tops… Let’s say a million just to say and let’s say half of which is women let’s say a half million so for each remaining woman 400 Diet Cokes which is… So actually that’s, yeah. That’s not so much.”

(Washburn, Anne. Mr Burns. London: Oberon Modern Plays, 2014. Kindle Locations 986-1013. Kindle Edition.)

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