Approaching Zanzibar

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just can’t keep

Charlotte Blossom

Approaching Zanzibar

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Age Range
Act Two, Scene Four
Time & Place
Olivia’s house, Taos, New Mexico,
Time Period
Show Type

Monologue Context

Charlotte has traveled to New Mexico with her husband and children, to see her

Monologue Text

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just can’t keep up… You dance through childhood, race through the teenage years, fall in love a couple of million times, bear some delicious bald babies, and then… whhhhhst, it’s all over… Don’t you ever feel like digging in your heels and shouting, ‘SLOW DOWN GUYS AND LET ME GET THE LAY OF THE LAND FOR A MINUTE!”... (She pauses and looks around the room.) It’s nine o’clock in the evening… the children are playing cards in the hall… there’s a sweet smell in the air. What is it? Pistachios! The whole room smells of pistachios…! Livvie’s sleeping with her mouth open. Look at her. Poor thing, she looks like an old man… Just slow down and take it all in… Sybil’s wearing silver earrings, Wally’s got a bruise on his arm, someone’s heart is beating like crazy… Shhh! Listen!... Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub, lub dub… It’s my heart! Nobody move… The moment’s holding… (In a whisper) It’s perfect… perfect…!

Howe, Tina. Approaching Zanzibar and other plays. Theatre Communications Group, New York, NY. 1995. p. 65.