God of Carnage

Our society? Explain our society. You se

Alan Raleigh

God of Carnage

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Brooklyn, New York. The Novak's living room.
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Alan Raleigh is the husband of Annette and the father of Benjamin, the boy who

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Our society? Explain our society. You see Veronica, I believe in the god of carnage. And he has ruled uninterruptedly since the dawn of time. You’re interested in Africa, aren’t you? Well, as a matter of fact, I just came back from the Congo. Over there, little boys are taught to kill when they’re eight years old. During their childhood, they may kill hundreds of people, with a machete, with a Kalash, with a thump gun, so you’ll understand that when my son picks up a bamboo rod, hits his playmate and breaks a tooth, or even two, in Cobble Hill Park, I’m likely to be less susceptible than you are to horror and indignation.

Reza, Yasmina, God of Carnage, Dramatists Play Service, 2008, pp. 35.

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