God of Carnage

Well if you ask me, everyone’s feeling f

Annette Raleigh

God of Carnage

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Brooklyn, New York. The Novak's living room.
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Annette Raleigh is the wife of Alan and the mother of Benjamin, the boy who attacked

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Well if you ask me, everyone’s feeling fine. If you ask me, everyone’s feeling better….everyone’s much calmer, don’t you think? ...Men are so wedded to their gadgets...it belittles them...It takes away all their authority...A man needs to keep his hands free...if you ask me. Even an attache case is enough to put me off. There was a man, once, I found really attractive, then I saw him with a square shoulder-bag, but that was it. There’s nothing worse than a shoulder bag. Although there’s also nothing worse than a cell phone. A man ought to give the impression that he’s alone...if you ask me. I mean that he’s capable of being alone…! I also have a John Wayne-ish idea of virility. And what was it he had? A Colt .45. A device for creating a vacuum...A man who can’t give the impression that he’s a loner has no texture...So, Michael, are you happy? It is somewhat fractured, our little...what was it you said? ...I’ve forgotten the word...but in the end...everyone’s feeling more or less all right...if you ask me.

Reza, Yasmina, God of Carnage, Dramatists Play Service, 2008, pp. 38-9.

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