God of Carnage

Veronica, are we ever interested in anyt

Alan Raleigh

God of Carnage

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Brooklyn, New York. The Novak's living room.
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Alan Raleigh is the husband of Annette and the father of Benjamin, the boy who

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Veronica, are we ever interested in anything but ourselves? Of course we’d all like to believe in the possibility of improvement. Of which we could be the architect and which would be in no way self-serving. Does such a thing exist? In life, some people drag their feet, it’s their strategy, others refuse to acknowledge the passage of time, and drive themselves demented, what difference does it make? People struggle until they’re dead. Education, the miseries of the world...You’re writing a book about Darfur, fine, I can understand you saying to yourself, OK, I’m going to choose a massacre, what else does history consist of, and I’m going to write about it. You do what you can to save yourself.

Reza, Yasmina, God of Carnage, Dramatists Play Service, 2008, pp. 31-2.

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