Top Girls

Oh yes, all that, and a science degree f


Top Girls

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Age Range
Act Two
Time & Place
England, 1980s
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Win is an employee at the Top Girls recruitment agency. She is talking to Angie, her

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Oh yes, all that, and a science degree funnily enough. I started out doing medical research but there’s no money in it. I thought I’d go abroad. Did you know they sell Coca-Cola in Russia and Pepsi-cola in China? You don’t have to be qualified as much as you might think. Men are awful bullshitters, they like to make out jobs are harder than they are. Any job I ever did I started doing it better than the rest of the crowd and they didn’t like it. So I’d get unpopular and I’d have a drink to cheer myself up. I lived with a fella and supported him for four years, he couldn’t get work. [...] Then I went to Mexico, still in sales, but it’s no country for a single lady. I came home, went bonkers for a bit, thought I was five different people, got over that all right, the psychiatrist said I was perfectly sane and highly intelligent. Got married in a moment of weakness and he’s inside now, he’s been inside four years, and I’ve not been to see him too much this last year. I like this better than sales. I’m not really that aggressive. I started thinking sales was a good job if you want to meet people, but you’re meeting people that don’t want to meet you. It’s no good if you like being liked. Here your clients want to meet you because you’re the one doing them some good. They hope.

For full extended monologue, please refer to the script edition cited here: Caryl Churchill. Top Girls. Methuen Drama, London, 2002. p.65.

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